Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to Get the Best Work from Your Graphic Designer

How to Get the Best Work from Your Graphic Designer
The aim of a graphic designer is to provide you with the page and logo designs that best fit your business, target market and industry. Reaching that goal can be an extremely smooth and pleasant procedure, if you and your graphic designer have a great rapport.

To make sure your web site graphic design project is successful and productive, here are some points that highlight what you should do:

1.Communicate: Explain what you want clearly to the designer, as this will help to get great results later. You can use many tactics to facilitate your communication.

2.Be Clear: If you are not clear of what you want, the designer won’t be able to translate the work. Be firm of what you want and make sure you have clearly provided all the points you want to the designer.

3.Provide all info that your designer needs: With good background info, designers will be able to create the best designs for you. Since it is you who understands your business well, the inputs you provide to the project will really help the designers. So, the more info you provide, the better the web site graphic design will be.

4.Sketch your idea: If you are finding it hard to convey your ideas to the designer, you can sketch it down. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The designer will be happier with this direct means of communication.

You need to be in a good working relationship. You must try to understand each other well and communicate constantly to make sure the work is perfect as per your specifications.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Common Mistakes Made in Logo Designing

Common Mistakes Made in Logo Designing
Logo Designing is important for representing a company in the online market. It helps achieve brand recognition in the World Wide Web. However, designing a professional logo design isn't all that easy. There are certain mistakes that are common with almost all designers. Some of them are as listed below.
  • A logo design must be appropriate and should convey the message clearly to the audience. Obscure logos mar the whole meaning of logo designing.
  • Originality is another thing that a designer should keep in mind while designing logos. Even if two companies have the same theme, both of them should have unique and different logos.
  • Do not follow the latest trends of designing in the market. Trends are short lived but your logo design is here to stay. Also, once your logo gains recognition, it will be very difficult to change it.
  • The use of raster and bit map images often messes with the logo design. The reason behind this is that these images are in the form of pixels and thus, not scalable.
  • Color schemes should be decided with care for logo designs. It is recommended to not be dependent on colors for logo designing. Designing a logo in only black and white is a good practice.

Friday, November 26, 2010

SiteMap – An Important Addition to Every Website

SiteMap – An Important Addition to Every Website
Sitemaps are the most effective way to let the search engines know about the presence of pages in a site. They have been designed to let the robot utilize the content of the sitemap file instead of crawling through the whole website for links.

The robot will instantly learn about the pages of a site contained within the file. Without the sitemap, your site will be eventually crawled or indexed by the robot but it would be quickly and effectively if you add one.

There are two main types of sitemap – XML sitemap and HTML sitemap.

The XML sitemap is what the search engines use. It is in a search engine friendly format but entirely user friendly. Any user who attempts to view will be greeted by an XML code which they are most likely to not understand. However, the XML sitemap is preferred by the search engines as they are specific to their requirements and don’t contain any non relevant info.

The HTML sitemap is the one which visitors can use if they need to quickly find a specific page on a site. This type of sitemap contains simple text links to important pages on the site.

Every custom website design today does contain a sitemap to turn into a search engine friendly design. This will help your page ranking as well as increase the user friendliness of the site.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

De-clutter Your Virtual Storefront - Success is in Simplicity

A site is primarily developed and designed in a way that helps the website look attractive enough to allure potential customers. While creating a site, there are a number of key points to keep in mind. It is also vital to note that some aspects may have greater importance than others. Some of the techniques mentioned in this blog represent only a few major solutions. However, if you follow these suggestions, your site will most definitely attain a higher search engine ranking:

1.Firstly, don’t force online users to download a new browser, just to see your website. This can only be done if you have a website that people are dying to see. Why should you ever limit your potential target audience? This will only hamper your site's reputation, profits and popularity.

2.Secondly, you should avoid using Adobe flash for navigation. For example, Google, the king of search engines, cannot read Adobe Flash navigation. This in turn, would alter the popularity of your site, for Google would be unable to pick up on the all-important content within your site.

3.Avoid 'Page Counters' at all costs: Page counters do absolutely nothing, but change and mess your outlook. This will only make you look like an amateur and publicize certain bits of data about your website, that you probably didn't want them to know.

4.Finally, always remember that content is the most powerful tool you can ever possess. Thus, content must be the primary focus of your attention. But at the same time, keep in mind that any kind of splash pages should be avoided, for they would only succeed in distracting your customers from the main content of your site. In other words, splash pages would function as an unnecessary hurdle to the royal material.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why get a Good Logo Design

Why get a Good Logo Design
A logo, as small it may look, is an important part of every business. Often its importance has been underestimated by many and they have had to pay hard later.

You see a logo can help your company stand out of the millions of similar businesses today. Again there might be a lot of imitators trying to steal your identity. Logos help you to be different and unique.

For any business, creating a brand identity is very important and this identity helps them boost their brand and business. How? It helps to attract audiences and represent your company’s true value to the world.

The true value of custom logo design must be taken seriously. A badly designed logo can have a negative impact on your company. Many businesses have taken a lot of pain to design their logos in a professional way by hiring out experts.

Again a logo cannot be designed in just about any way. A corporate logo must reflect the goal and personality of a company. Care should be taken on its overall design, whether it is the size, color, image or text. All these should be combined to portray the company’s philosophy and conviction.

If you want a logo designed professionally, it is always a better option to hire a logo design service. They will know how to create the perfect logo for your company. You can provide your valuable points on how you want your logo and they will make that vision come true.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To choose or not to choose a Custom Web Design

To choose or not to choose a Custom Web Design
If a user spends not more than 5 seconds on a website or web page, you have only less than 5 seconds to make an impression to retain the user. For this you do not need a cookie cutter web template but a custom designed website.

A high quality custom web design is the key to holding a visitor’s attention on a site. There is a huge amount of benefits that a custom website design can offer like:
  • Great Features: You can incorporate all essential features that are required for your online business in a custom design. You don’t have to get stuck with few features like in a template that are pre designed with some general features.
  • Unique Designs: A custom web design will give you the flexibility to design the site in your own way. The design will be exclusively made according to the individual requirements.
  • Scalability: If you look at the exponential growth of technology, you better increase the scalability of the web design. A custom design will be able to provide you this. Even if technology changes overnight, you will be able to match pace with them.
  • Maintenance: With CMS, the world of designing has changed and has become better. A website based on this CMS can help in updating and editing content anytime.
  • Great Branding: A customized design is a key part of the branding strategy for any organization. The use of color, font themes, element and features are in conformity with a company’s brand image.
So, now you know why choosing a custom web design is always a better option.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Professional Graphic Design Services at Affordable Rates

Professional Graphic Design Services at Affordable Rates
Graphics that look great not only add grace to a web site but also help projecting your business or brand to potential customers. Your web site, being an integral part of your online business, has to be presented in a sophisticated and professional manner. If visitors see a poor layout of the site, bad quality of images and content that looks crowded and accumulated, they are obviously not going to opt doing business with you.

If you are looking for an absolutely professional presentation of your web site, your search ends here. At Custom Web Design Company, we help establish your company's online identity. With our graphic design services, your web site will stand out amongst your competitors and yet be equally effective, if not more.

We understand that a good graphic design will help identify the product or service endorsed by your company. When you want to give that cutting edge of professionalism to your web site, you know where to go. We have a dedicated team of experts who know their work really well. Since we have been in this industry for a long time now, these professionals know how to do things correctly. They will describe the nature of your business clearly with the help of the latest technology in graphic designs.

Our skilled graphic design services will not leave you disappointed in any way. You will get customized design services that are not only easy to understand and comprehend but appealing in their own right. The graphics added will include friendlier images adding immeasurable value to your business. They will enhance the overall identity of your company.

Our team will first take care to understand your business well and then design appropriate graphics that match the purpose of your business in a detailed manner. All this and more can be availed of with our Custom Web Design services. The best part is that we offer these services at extremely affordable prices. By hiring us, we can guarantee you a definite increase in sales. So, what you waiting for? Hurry and call us today!

7 secrets to an Effective Logo Design

7 secrets to an Effective Logo Design
Logos are tiny, but very powerful. Because they symbolize an organization, the design should be in such a way that it is remembered by all. Here are a few ideas which will help you design an effective logo that will stand out against all the others and yet carve a niche for itself in the market:

1.Understanding a logo: You should know exactly what a logo is and the purpose it serves. Comprehending the logo and knowing what it represents is the very first step in logo designing. A custom logo design is not just a symbol, it is a blend of colors, shapes, fonts and images used for making your business look sophisticated to an outsider. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to understand what a logo is.

2.Axioms of logo designing: There are four basic principles that you should consider while designing a logo:

3.Equally effective with or without color
4.Effective in all sizes. Therefore, scalable

3.Avoiding others' mistakes: There are so many companies and all of them them, undoubtedly have logos. You can easily find out which ones have been successful and which haven't. Look into each of these successful and unsuccessful categories and understand the reason. Learn what aspect of the custom logo design really ticked well to make it popular. Likewise, understand the factors that caused the downfall of another logo.

4.Direct relevance not required: This means that a logo does not have to specifically describe the nature of the business it is representing. For instance, a furniture store logo need not depict furniture. Similarly, a food chain does not have to show food in its logo design.

5.Work in black: First focus on the design of the logo. It will help you create a logo that is effective even without color. However, if your logo design is really poor, no amount of color will help pull it up. Once the design is complete, you can customize it using appropriate shades and gradients.

6.Legible font: You can try a variety of fonts to make your custom logo design memorable. But always keep one thing in mind, your logo should be easy to read and understand. Also, do not use more than two fonts in the design.

7.Learn the software: Now that you have a fair idea about how to design your logo, you can start tailoring it. Research well and start mastering the software. Once you are done sketching the logo, you can begin creating it in a full-fledged way.

The above notions will definitely help make your logo designing a smooth and successful activity.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Professional and Powerful Logo Design Tips and Secrets

Professional and Powerful Logo Design Tips and Secrets
A professional logo design can work wonders for any online business venture, for it acts as a powerful symbol that represents the identity of a company or a person. Hence, it can either attract or repel potential customers. Present below are a list of tips and secrets that can help anyone who is planning on either re-creating or designing a new logo:

1.A logo does not really need to say what a company does: For instance, restaurant company logos need not show food or dentist logos don’t have to show teeth, similarly, furniture stores don’t need to show furniture. Relevance does not always mean better. Look at some great logo designs, such as Mercedes, where in the logo is most definitely not a car or the logo for apple is not a computer.

2.Every logo does not need a mark: Sometimes a client may just need a professional logo type, in order to identify their business.

3.Two-way process: Remember that things might not always work in your favor. But don't lose patience and always make sure that you communicate your wants and needs carefully and precisely with the professional logo design team.

4.Leave certain trends to the fashion industry: Different trends may come and go, but where your brand identity is concerned, longevity is the key.

Overall, make sure that you take your time when it comes to creating a professional logo design, for its a symbol that is going to be associated with your company for a long, long time.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why Logo Designing Is Important

Why Logo Designing Is Important
The marketing environment has changed so much that a little rest would end up piling up more challenges so everyone has to move ahead fast. Attracting new customers and retaining the old is important to survive in this harsh competition. For most companies, branding is the most popular way to focus on pulling in customers and for that a corporate logo plays a very important role.

A custom logo design portrays the unique identity of your company. There are so many companies who underestimate the power of the logo for its small size but from a marketer’s point of view it is very powerful in-spite of its size.

You must be very careful while choosing the logo. Even designing a logo is very important. You need to come out with a professional logo design that meets with the company theme. If it doesn’t meet the provided service or products, it won’t have a great impact on the people as well as on the business. It is necessary to get your logo design as close to your business to connect with the customers.

A well designed logo will make a strong impact for your company, display the feature product or service and help to show your brand identity. If you want a quality logo for your company, you must always select a professional logo designing firm. They will take care of everything from the logo design, style, color, text, font and many more.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Latest Logo Design Trends

The Latest Logo Design Trends
No matter how small it is, a logo has always played a strong role in promoting a business. It has always been a part of every business. Every year, the trend of logo design keeps on changing. Trends and styles are followed each year by every industry and this is the case in the logo design industry as well. You would obviously follow the latest design for your logo and what this year holds is very different from the past years.

Some of the most noticeable logo design trends are:

  • 3D Logos: Since we are moving into the world of 3D and animation, the acceptance of 3D logos is increasing. Many companies have opted for this type of custom logo design for their business.
  • Signature Logos: This hand made custom logo design is a popular trend now a days. Selecting this handy and sketchy logo design can bring a different look to your business, from the stereotype logo designs.
  • Conceptual Logos: This is one of the most artistic logo design trends. Putting a message within a logo is an art in itself.
  • Formal typeface Logos: This type of logo design trend is developing once again. This adds a sense of class to the company logo with elegant and formal fonts.
  • Minimalism Logos: Though we cannot say this is the latest trend in the industry since it was first introduced in the sixties, it is however, making a recent come back. In this trend, there is minimal use of graphics and visuals to create the design.
The above logo trends are on now. When you hire a professional logo design company, you can consult with them and get a logo that fits in with your taste.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Website Design & SEO

Website Design & SEO
While designing a site, we do come across a lot of challenges especially when it comes to search engine optimization. What web developer and designers should remember is that a site design should never clash with SEO core principles.

The whole point here is that it is important to win the favor of the search engines in order to reach the targeted audiences. A search engine friendly design can help get the attention of the search engines and an appealing site design can attract the web visitors.

A site’s appearance is important but if it is conflicting with the usability then, it may not fare well with the users. So, both should be focused on. Avoid those things which the search engine crawlers are not impressed with. Too much flash and videos in a site are not favorable. An easy navigation will help your site visitors go wherever they wish to go easily.

While designing your site, there should be a balance between the design and SEO. The site has different needs, but if you focus only on the designing part, the whole point of having an online presence is worthless. You can take the help of an SEO web designing firm to design a search engine friendly design.

It is better to implement SEO into your website design early on. This will help to satisfy users and search engines alike.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Expand your Business using SEO Friendly Website Designs

Expand your Business using SEO Friendly Website Designs
Any website that has a good look and feel to it but if it lacks search engine ranking, then it is not possible to have growth in online business. An SEO friendly website design can bring changes in this case as it is not just optimized on the outside but also on the inside. It is designed to meet all the requirements of the customers as well as the look and feel. So, the search engines give top rankings to the site and thus web traffic increases.

An SEO friendly website can bring more and more profits because the web designers take utmost care in developing it, while considering all the points that can help to make your website stand out in the crowd.

An SEO friendly website ensures great flow of targeted traffic as it is made specifically to attract and draw more visitors. And when customers are happy, then there is certain growth in the business. To have such an efficient website, you can take the help of a website design service that strives to offer you the best website that works as a money generating machine. They understand the requirements and needs of different clients across the globe.

The benefits of a SEO friendly website design are:
  • Higher search engine listing ranking
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Better usability by the customer
To make an SEO friendly website design, it needs proper planning and effective strategies that is possible only through a website design service.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Custom Website Designing Services

Custom Website Designing Services
Custom web design companies are spreading like ocean with the increasing of online business. To get the services on custom website design, you can take the help from them. Custom web design service is very important because they help you to build your brand, sell your services or products and bridge the gap between you and your customers. An effective custom web design service includes the services like:
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Search Engine Friendly Website Designing
  • Website Redesign
  • Website Designing Consultation
There are so many custom website design companies on the web that offer complete range of custom web design services at an affordable rate. An experienced and effective custom website design company work closely with their client and make sure they deliver a satisfying custom website design. They try to understand the theme of the clients website by deep study on it and after that they start working with them. They maintain a special care of the deadline and offer a quality based custom web design services at a very reasonable cost. They strive to offer you a dynamic custom web site design that is multi friendly, making it easily crawl able by the search engine spiders which can sure increase your website visibility and potential customers. If it happens, your success in online business is over sure.

Custom website designing service has become one of the integral part of the online marketing and website owners and online businessmen can help taking the assistance of it in developing their business and getting high search engine ranking.