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To choose or not to choose a Custom Web Design

If a user spends not more than 5 seconds on a website or web page, you have only less than 5 seconds to make an impression to retain the user. For this you do not need a cookie cutter web template but a custom designed website.

A high quality custom web design is the key to holding a visitor’s attention on a site. There is a huge amount of benefits that a custom website design can offer like:
Great Features: You can incorporate all essential features that are required for your online business in a custom design. You don’t have to get stuck with few features like in a template that are pre designed with some general features.Unique Designs: A custom web design will give you the flexibility to design the site in your own way. The design will be exclusively made according to the individual requirements.Scalability: If you look at the exponential growth of technology, you better increase the scalability of the web design. A custom design will be able to provide you this. Even if technology …

Professional Graphic Design Services at Affordable Rates

Graphics that look great not only add grace to a web site but also help projecting your business or brand to potential customers. Your web site, being an integral part of your online business, has to be presented in a sophisticated and professional manner. If visitors see a poor layout of the site, bad quality of images and content that looks crowded and accumulated, they are obviously not going to opt doing business with you.

If you are looking for an absolutely professional presentation of your web site, your search ends here. At Custom Web Design Company, we help establish your company's online identity. With our graphic design services, your web site will stand out amongst your competitors and yet be equally effective, if not more.

We understand that a good graphic design will help identify the product or service endorsed by your company. When you want to give that cutting edge of professionalism to your web site, you know where to go. We have a dedicated team of experts who kno…

7 secrets to an Effective Logo Design

Logos are tiny, but very powerful. Because they symbolize an organization, the design should be in such a way that it is remembered by all. Here are a few ideas which will help you design an effective logo that will stand out against all the others and yet carve a niche for itself in the market:

1.Understanding a logo: You should know exactly what a logo is and the purpose it serves. Comprehending the logo and knowing what it represents is the very first step in logo designing. A custom logo design is not just a symbol, it is a blend of colors, shapes, fonts and images used for making your business look sophisticated to an outsider. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to understand what a logo is.

2.Axioms of logo designing: There are four basic principles that you should consider while designing a logo:

3.Equally effective with or without color
4.Effective in all sizes. Therefore, scalable

3.Avoiding others' mistakes: There are so many companies and all of th…