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Website Design & SEO

Website Design & SEO
While designing a site, we do come across a lot of challenges especially when it comes to search engine optimization. What web developer and designers should remember is that a site design should never clash with SEO core principles.

The whole point here is that it is important to win the favor of the search engines in order to reach the targeted audiences. A search engine friendly design can help get the attention of the search engines and an appealing site design can attract the web visitors.

A site’s appearance is important but if it is conflicting with the usability then, it may not fare well with the users. So, both should be focused on. Avoid those things which the search engine crawlers are not impressed with. Too much flash and videos in a site are not favorable. An easy navigation will help your site visitors go wherever they wish to go easily.

While designing your site, there should be a balance between the design and SEO. The site has different needs, but if you focus only on the designing part, the whole point of having an online presence is worthless. You can take the help of an SEO web designing firm to design a search engine friendly design.

It is better to implement SEO into your website design early on. This will help to satisfy users and search engines alike.