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De-clutter Your Virtual Storefront - Success is in Simplicity

A site is primarily developed and designed in a way that helps the website look attractive enough to allure potential customers. While creating a site, there are a number of key points to keep in mind. It is also vital to note that some aspects may have greater importance than others. Some of the techniques mentioned in this blog represent only a few major solutions. However, if you follow these suggestions, your site will most definitely attain a higher search engine ranking:

1.Firstly, don’t force online users to download a new browser, just to see your website. This can only be done if you have a website that people are dying to see. Why should you ever limit your potential target audience? This will only hamper your site's reputation, profits and popularity.

2.Secondly, you should avoid using Adobe flash for navigation. For example, Google, the king of search engines, cannot read Adobe Flash navigation. This in turn, would alter the popularity of your site, for Google would be unable to pick up on the all-important content within your site.

3.Avoid 'Page Counters' at all costs: Page counters do absolutely nothing, but change and mess your outlook. This will only make you look like an amateur and publicize certain bits of data about your website, that you probably didn't want them to know.

4.Finally, always remember that content is the most powerful tool you can ever possess. Thus, content must be the primary focus of your attention. But at the same time, keep in mind that any kind of splash pages should be avoided, for they would only succeed in distracting your customers from the main content of your site. In other words, splash pages would function as an unnecessary hurdle to the royal material.