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Common Mistakes Made in Logo Designing

Common Mistakes Made in Logo Designing
Logo Designing is important for representing a company in the online market. It helps achieve brand recognition in the World Wide Web. However, designing a professional logo design isn't all that easy. There are certain mistakes that are common with almost all designers. Some of them are as listed below.
  • A logo design must be appropriate and should convey the message clearly to the audience. Obscure logos mar the whole meaning of logo designing.
  • Originality is another thing that a designer should keep in mind while designing logos. Even if two companies have the same theme, both of them should have unique and different logos.
  • Do not follow the latest trends of designing in the market. Trends are short lived but your logo design is here to stay. Also, once your logo gains recognition, it will be very difficult to change it.
  • The use of raster and bit map images often messes with the logo design. The reason behind this is that these images are in the form of pixels and thus, not scalable.
  • Color schemes should be decided with care for logo designs. It is recommended to not be dependent on colors for logo designing. Designing a logo in only black and white is a good practice.